I’m so glad you found this space and I fully believe it’s no accident that you’re here. You have been prayed for in advance. Have you ever felt like your faith isn’t growing like it should? Maybe you’ve started to wonder if something is holding you back from having a well-lived life.

Could it be fears? Past hurts? Challenging circumstances? A dry spiritual life? Are you ready for something more?

For less than price of one counseling session, go deeper today with Unleash: Heart and Soul Care Sheets.

Whether you’re navigating life’s often bumpy roads or realizing your faith isn’t what you wish it would be, Unleash can be an effective tool for facilitating spiritual growth, inner healing, and the freedom offered to believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

What is Unleash?

Unleash is an effective tool designed to guide an individual through life challenges, inner-healing, spiritual growth, and life transformation.

Who is Unleash For?

  • Anyone who wants to see their faith grow
  • Anyone facing a challenge, trial or hard decision
  • Anyone who has been through pain, loss, trauma, or deals with emotions such as fear, anger, bitterness, or anxiety
  • Anyone who wants to experience greater peace, joy, and freedom as a follower of Christ
  • Anyone working with a life coach, counselor, or mentor
  • Anyone who wants to live unleashed from things keeping them from living well

Why Use Unleash?

  • Process life’s challenges such as hard decisions, painful relationships, and/or experiences
  • Intimately experience the hope and freedom Christ offers over the short-lived promises often offered in the world today
  • Begin recognizing patterns in life which hinder relational intimacy as well as emotional and spiritual growth
  • Grow as a Christ follower in order to be more effective in your calling here on earth
  • Experience the presence of God
  • Practice hearing from God
  • Get rid of the things which keep you hindered from living well
  • Know greater peace, joy, and freedom as a Christ follower


DISCLAIMER: Unleash is not meant to replace the help of a professional, trained, therapist or counselor. It can, however, be used as a supplement to an individual’s journey through counseling. If you are encountering particularly traumatic or pain-filled moments, I highly recommend receiving additional help through biblical counseling while also meeting regularly with a handful of committed and trustworthy Christ followers.